Source Code

Source code of some of my works can be found below

  • L-SeqSleepNet: Whole-cycle Long Sequence Modelling for Automatic Sleep Staging.
  • SleepTransformer: Automatic Sleep Staging With Interpretability and Uncertainty Quantification.
  • XSleepNet: Multi-view deep learning model for sleep stage classification
  • sasegan: Self-attention GAN for speech enhancement
  • idsegan: Improving GANs for speech enhancement
  • sleep_transfer_learning: Towards more accurate automatic sleep staging via deep transfer learning
  • SeqSleepNet: End-to-end hierarchical recurrent neural network for sequence-to-sequence automatic sleep staging
  • MultitaskSleepNet: Joint classification and prediction CNN framework for automatic sleep stage classification
  • Random Regression Forests for audio event detection in continuous audio streams
  • 1-Max Pooling CNN for audio event recognition
  • Label Tree Embedding for acoustic scene classification
  • CNN-LTE (1-max pooling CNN with Label Tree Embedding) for acoustic scene classification
  • RNN-LTE (Deep RNN with Label Tree Embedding) for acoustic scene classification